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Skydroid – Metroid? What is sweeter?

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January 25, 2012
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We all know that custom launchers are one of those multiple aspects that make Android so reverential. They propose a kingdom of custom manufacturing unmatched by Android’s competitioners. Nevertheless, those competitioners sometimes propose a unique workmanship of their own, that lasts until an Android launcher programmer decides he desires that look on his gadget. In circumstance, XDA follower, TheRedDrake, determined he like a couple of Windows’ looks and ultimately built-up a Windows Phone 7 launcher. Despite the fact of this being well admitted, TheRedDrake and four more XDA doodles have since made a move on in endeavors to bring Windows 8 inside Android. This small team would like to ascertain that in claiming that their up and coming innovation is not a duplicate but rather embreathed by the Windows 8 Metro UI. The thing that really makes this launcher distinctive is that the detachment is going above and beyond. They are accomplishing custom software to go with the launcher. Upon acceleration they expect to have not less than twenty and have already posted eighteen that they have been working out. Here you can see the list:

  • Number Dialer
  • Bright Calendar
  • SMS Attendance
  • News Post
  • Simple Calculator
  • Eelectronic Mail
  • People with IM and social
  • Music Player
  • Currency converter +  Stock
  • Meteo Program
  • Internet Browser
  • Photo Gallery
  • Camera
  • Notes
  • Launcher
  • Alarm Clock
  • File manager
  • Settings

The team proclaims a release will have room sometime in the end of March to early April. Until that moment below the only teaser photo is offered up so far (yes they decided not to post a higher resolution image). By the way, there is a proposition to change the name to Metroid.


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