Some tips which can prolong the life of your tablet’s battery

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 4, 2012

Some tips which can prolong the life of your tablet’s battery
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Tablets such as Motorola Xoom and iPad may replace conventional computers in the nearest future. The survey from Nielsen in 2011 shows that 36 % of desktop computer users and 34 % of laptop users stopped using their PC or at least reduced use them, after they bought a tablet. For a pity, when your tablet becomes a part of your everyday life, you must face the same issue as mobile-phone and laptop users have for years: how to extend battery life and get the most out of the device anyway. Despite tablets are pretty new, there were not much changes in the batteries since the mid-90s.

Decreasing your tablet’s power consumption is similar to that of a laptop or mobile phone: look for hidden features draining your battery, minimize the usage of features you do need and turn off what you don’t use.

  • 1. The screen timeout interval must be shorten. With the help of such feature your screen blacks out when the tablet’s not in use. You’ll prolong battery life considerably if you work with the tablet in a frequent style for sending SMS messages or checking email.
  • 2. Brightness of your screen’s have to be reduced. Your battery life will be improved greatly with this single step. The most power draw on a tablet is the screen, so dim it as much as you can.
  • 3. Close GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, when you don’t need that. These services continue to search for connections and remain “powered up.” even when they aren’t in use. If your tablet also uses 4G or 3G wireless service, turn it off when you’re using Wi-Fi, watching a downloaded movie or photo editing.
  • 4. Eliminate or reduce application updates, syncs and pings. Social media applications such as Apple’s Ping and TweetDeck update permanently. You will save power even when your tablet is “asleep” if you set an application to update manually.
  • 5. The dark-colored wallpaper will reduce the screen’s power draw if your tablet has an Organic Light Emitting Diode screen. For a pity, this method won’t help in the case of LCD screens, because they are illuminated by a static backlight.
  • 6. Be careful with apps running in the background. Quit or kill any applications you don’t need.

There is a broad choice of tablets and all of them have different battery life. So pay attention to this feature while deciding which tablet will best fits you. Look for help on some resources such as CNet’s battery life comparison charts.