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Android Silver Series

August 19, 2014

Google has finally confirmed that the Nexus series will not be scrapped but has kept mum about their upcoming smartphone Series termed as Android Silver Series. Android Silver Series is expected to be on of the most amazing and awesome series form Google next year. After the success of Nexus 5, this time Google is aiming big with the Android Silver line of production. It …

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Google: 500,000 of Android devices activated daily

June 29, 2011

Andy Rubin declares growing activations of Google. Activations of Android device are skyrocketing. Today Andy Rubin, Google Android chief tweeted that more than 500 000 Android devices are activated every day all over the world. And what is more, he added that activations are increasing at a rate of 4.4% week-after-week. This figure gets more essential when someone considers that just the previous month at Google’s …

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