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What is Required to Build an Amazing Career In Development?

September 7, 2015

What may be more inspiring than success stories? Pretty much nothing. But there is one tiny little detail. Have you ever seen two exactly same success stories? I find it doubtful, as all of them are different in events, character motivation, persuaded goals, etc. But do they really have nothing in common? Of course they do. Only positive, strong sides of a person are making …

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How To Write Awesome Code Every Single Day

August 6, 2015

So you are in android application development? Or you, by all means, may be making an app for iOS or even a desktop application – it matters little in the end. Development is a job and requires appropriate attitude. You must be an actual professional to succeed, but knowledge of programming is not everything it takes to write software code that is 100% awesome on …

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5 Mobile Traits Every Designer Should Remember

March 4, 2014

Everybody knows that good design makes a good product. Design is usually not all about aesthetics, but also about the product’s functionality and user interaction with it. Making successful design choices distinctly influences user experience and usability as well. So the top responsibility of mobile designers and developers is to make their product work for the target audience.

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Push Forward your Web Apps with Ruby on Rails

December 8, 2011

Ruby on Rails represents a recent entry into the Web application development world. It is gaining mindshare fast, even while in beta versions. Through automating the development of the most common types of Web application Rails succeeds while not straight jacketing you in case you wish to add atypical or custom requirements. Furthermore, if to compare to great number of Free Libraries which present individual …

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What Are The Best iPhone Apps For Camera

November 14, 2011

Many applications for iPhone offer a range of features for their users. iPhone Camera becomes a very usefull tool for the people who are professionals and for those who are just taking pictures for hobbie. Lucky Clan’s Top Camera application will help users to take more professional photos. It packs a lot of photo-taking modes, photo-editing tools and other. Top camera has more features than …

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