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3 Simple Hacks That Skyrocket Your Ranking in the App Store

April 19, 2016
Organic search is crucial for app store rankings

Everyone knows there’s a humongous amount of apps (~1.5 million!) in the App Store. But only a chosen few know that 63% of apps are discovered via random browsing. Even fewer people use this as an advantage. Would you like your app charted as an all-star user’s favorite? Sure, as would anybody. But there’s one major challenge you’ll succeed at before fame, recognition, billions of …

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Intel Is To Push Subscription Model for Tablet App Store

June 28, 2011

Intel wants to facilitate the way to make money for developers. Intel intends to make it easier for programmers to raise money through pushing a subscription model to sell apps by means of its netbook and tablet application store, according to a company executive. A subscription model will offer another revenue stream into the bargain to direct and advertising sales of applications that are hosted …

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Enterprises Require App Stores

June 22, 2011

iPhone by Apple didn’t just revolutionize smartphones but it also instituted the first successful and concrete app store all over the world. After four years, app stores considered to be not only for consumers. Some companies are pushing their own varieties on the theme of app store in order to carry enterprises onboard along with this easy way for distributing software. The last year App …

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