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How to find investors: 12 Californian business angels

November 16, 2017

  It is a great tendency to notice that investing startups are actively growing and developing. All this is made possible primarily because of the business investors from California. Who are these angels generously giving money to realize our dreams? Check the list of the most active investors and conjure your project for success (even if it is only at the idea stage). The main …

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Doing Virtual Reality in Business the Right Way

August 30, 2017

  Some businessmen, especially in long-aged industries, are often skeptical regarding the latest innovations. They grant it as something infantile, which can never bring a serious bonus to their company’s income. Usually it’s true. However virtual reality innovations has overcome that line, which separates “oh, just cool stuff” and “cool and practical”. Sure thing, it would not fit any niche, but many businesses can definitely …

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How IT consultant can help to improve your business

August 3, 2017

  The first year of a small business is a hardest time to remain afloat, because you have scanty time and budget. You can spend hours sorting out online resources in search of the best decision and wasting your time. As an alternative, you can employ IT consultant for evading start up and technical errors. Small business has a lot of reasons to hire an …

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How to Save Your Budget with Timely Quality

November 11, 2016
Timely quality

You’ve probably heard about an American $1 billion rocket which destroyed itself 40 seconds after it took off because of a software bug. You probably think that only bugs on such large-scale projects can cause such gargantuan damage. Unless you are going to launch a shuttle there is nothing to worry about – some might say. If any bugs arise, they can simply be fixed …

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That’s How You Make Your Business Healthy and Fit with Automated Process

November 8, 2016
Make Your Business Healthy and Fit

Have you ever considered making your business work harder, better, faster, stronger? If so, these thoughts have hit you for a reason, especially if you are still doing everything in an old-school way. For instance, sending letters to a crowd of potential customers can be quite a pain in the neck. It is virtually impossible to reach your audience if you don’t have the faintest …

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Why Countless Start-Ups Meet Their Doom?

November 2, 2016

Ok, did you know that 11 new small businesses meet their doom every single second in the US alone? I work in a software outsourcing company. In simple words – we develop and test products for other businesses. The job is great because our team gets a chance to work with an enormous amount of tech-related businesses, both big and small. And, while our sales …

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Top 7 Books Efficient Entrepreneurs Live by

August 22, 2016

How to become a successful businessman? Millions of people around the world are eager to learn the answer to this question. Success consists of a range of components, such as a promising idea, excellent skills, a deep knowledge of market tendencies, insistence, diligence and others. No doubt, if you are a novice entrepreneur and want to achieve success in business, it is advisable to familiarize …

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How to Build an Offshore Development Team Which Will Surpass the Competition

August 2, 2016

If your HQ is in New York, London or the Silicon Valley, you are obligated to pay a fortune for your IT development team. However, hiring somebody for a lower price doesn’t mean the sacrificing quality. On the contrary, there are multiple advantages of opting for offshore outsourcing. Here is a short, yet exhaustive guide to follow, if you want to ensure that your offshore …

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Business Analysis in a Startup: The Only Way to a Unicorn is Through Homework

July 27, 2016
Start-ups become unicorns through business analysis

What is a startup? Various sources and encyclopedias give us different meanings of the term. One of the basic definitions is provided by our beloved Investopedia. It says: a startup is a young company that has just begun to develop. In essence, this is true. Decades ago, giving money to such startups was considered a bad idea. However, technological progress created a healthy environment for …

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Top 5 iOS Development Security Pro-Tips That Will Save Your Business From Headache And Losses In No Time

July 27, 2016

Apple makes an all-out effort to make the App Store a “walled garden” and keep the owners of their mobile gadgets safe and sound… unless it doesn’t. The garden is still filled with snakes, bugs and hungry malware. Despite all the built-in security features, hackers manage to penetrate approximately 40% of the most-used free iOS apps. Hundreds of top-featured iOS apps were infected with malware …

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