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Leveraging the Internet of Things to drive improvements in logistics industry

August 9, 2018
Internet of things in logistics and transportation

Seoul is repeatedly considered one of the smartest city in the world. This achievement became possible a lot because of the well-developed and tested Internet of Thing transportation system, developed as early as 2004. Since then, the IoT in transportation and logistics have advanced and now Seoul’s buses are capable of gathering information via road sensors, GPS devices, loop detectors, and citizen reports. Such approach has …

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QArea landed in the list of Top Python Developers by GoodFirms in 2018

April 18, 2018
python software development company

Not much time has passed since QArea was recognized as the National Winner at the prestigious European Business Awards in the category of Best Digital Technology 2017-2018. Today we are pleased to inform you that our technical team got into the list of Top Python Developers based on research from GoodFirms, . We are proud to be on the list. It was formed based on …

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Leading Business Software Innovation

November 20, 2012

The market for developing the latest business software is steadily growing. According to,“The information technology industry is being transformed by the advent of innovative technologies, faster hardware, and an ever-expanding need for communication among global business entities. Within this context software is playing an increasing significant role.”

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