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IBM rolls out free cloud software development tool

June 7, 2011

IBM Jazz Hub is for now directed at college work, but in the future it is expected to be a commercial service. This week IBM announced a cloud-based collaborative software development tool which has being presented free to students for academic deployment only but it is supposed to become a commercial service to some extent in the future. Named the Jazz Hub is available straight …

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Why Choose Custom Application Development?

June 1, 2011

Cloud computing provides businesses not just software solutions it also offers access to PaaS, platform-as-a-service. Such services supply companies with the option to build custom apps employing a virtual interface architecture. The process is totally supervised by host services, expelling the necessity to employ extra IT staff members. There are consultation services are available on the Web in order to walk companies throughout the development …

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How Much Custom Application Development Important For Mid-Sized Business

May 22, 2011

For a long time businesses have been driven by competition and innovation. To help business to keep a cutting edge of both these competition and innovation it is necessary to stay current with business practices, assuring that processes run efficiently and ascertain that employees are able to deliver their jobs. Endeavouring to keep up with these elements of business, majority of companies are looking for …

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How Is Custom Application Development Important for Today’s Business

May 20, 2011
C-level management

  Application development is also referred to as software development, software life cycle or software process. Whatever the name, it indicated the growth of software products in a planned and structured manner. Today businesses are looking for technology to improve productivity and streamline effectiveness of a company. Development of applications may be beneficial for every company’s department, from sales and to management. Certainly, every company …

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Custom Application Development – Solution for Your Business

April 18, 2011

Custom software application development helps you to solve a quantity of issues that companies seek solutions for. Nowadays custom software development finds a market as all these solutions have been much advantageous to companies. Organizations are looking for such software application development companies where they can find professionals who work on bespoke application demands.

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