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Getting smart with dedicated team: benefits and challenges

March 15, 2018
dedicated team benefits and challenges

Deciding whether to hire a dedicated team of developers is quite a responsible task. There are some visible risks and the stakes are high – your customer’s loyalty depends on it. Is the result worth the trouble? Shortly, 100% yes if done right. The dedicated team model offers unique possibilities with new factors coming into play as well. However, if you are prepared to meet challenges, …

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Vital Factors that Make Medical Apps both Great and Influential

September 16, 2015

Steve Jobs is an undeniable genius of marketing. If there is a person that could sell an $99 pencil without breaking a sweat and in a way everyone loves the “new’, “innovative” solution – it was him, not Tim Cook nor any other living person on our planet. And, surprisingly, many of Steve’s claims and his approach towards products Apple developed are perfectly applied in …

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Butterfly Effect in Web App Development

July 31, 2015
Butterfly effect

Small changes can make a huge difference! Numerous businesses had to delay software releases or even decline entire products because of unexpected crashes and failures in the code that took place after additional functionality was delivered and integrated into completed applications. If one looks beyond mere practices and methodologies of development he may truly realize that other laws can be applied to software as well. …

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What If IT People Were Game Of Thrones Characters?

June 17, 2015
it and game of thrones

Have you guys watched the Game of Thrones season five final episode? How, how could they… oh, right, no spoilers. I’m a huge GOT fan and surely, as all of you probably, I sometimes try and make analogies from the show and convert events into real life. I’m just too curious about what would happen if all those characters were alive and real! (With large …

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Top Hot 3 Tools to Manage Any Project Ever

May 29, 2015
Team management

Being a project manager is hard and requires lots of effort, dedication and determination. I will certainly bore you with numerous nuances (until my next series of articles I have prepared for you, at least) of this profession as there are just too many to perfectly fit in one post. Let’s talk about things that tend to make life easier for a moment. We have …

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Good Old SEO

May 19, 2015

So here you are leading your beloved business in the internet. You log into your personal Google Webmaster Tools so you get to see a great picture of 50-80% of your traffic landing on your website from those nice search engine results. Life is beautiful and it’s like quite the time to hit the beach with margaritas! Well, not exactly. Just dig a little deeper. …

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Hot Tips That Will Skyrocket Cross-Platform Development Results!

May 18, 2015

Application development is not an easy task to do, especially if you are trying to satisfy everybody with just one solution. Did you know that almost every enterprise in the US has a backlog of 10-15 applications? And one single app may take several month to a year or even more before it’s released. Sounds like quite a time period, right? Taking things slow decreases …

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Judging From Experience: Things You NEVER Do To Big Data

May 15, 2015

We have been through many projects as a company that provides outsourcing solutions. In some worst case scenarios we had to fix things other teams before us failed at. It seems quite odd that many businesses choose price over quality and outsource to cheapest Indian service providers without even a glance at their portfolio or qualifications. No, I do understand we cannot be called the …

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Ultimate Software Project Development FAQ

April 3, 2015

Disclaimer So I was looking through several researches the other day and I was truly astonished by several facts I saw. Data says that 80% of software projects fail. There are multiple reasons causing this like lack of required budget, inappropriate functionality of a solution, the project may just hit the market late but nevertheless 80%? That is huge! The statistics go even further as …

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