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How To Optimize A Mess Of A Database And Make E-Commerce Run Like Clockwork?

July 5, 2017
How to Optimize a Database for eCommerce

Imagine having a store locator site that’s colossal in terms of both volumes and scaling! Oh, who are our Drupal developers kidding? You either already have one of these bad boys or are planning to make one work for your business in the nearest future given you are reading these very words. And guess what? As examples of Big Data projects show, these kinds of …

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E-Commerce: How Expert Drupal Developers Nail Recurring Payments?

June 20, 2017

Do you know what Drupal developers usually do when the task at hand is to make a responsive e-commerce platform in a month’s notice? They lie down and try not to cry. A lot. I mean, sure, there are thousands of companies willing to kill for a task like the one above, but most of them are from the land that gave us Bollywood and Abibas …

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3 Lifehacks for Painless Recovery After A Technical E-Commerce Platform Failure

December 26, 2016
3 Lifehacks for Painless Recovery After A Technical E-Commerce Platform Failure

E-Commerce platform is a great way to earn money online… while it works. However, do you know what to do if your E-Commerce platform goes down? What to do to minimize the losses, bring everything back up and running and how to recover E-Сommerce website’s normal operations? Here are 3 lifehacks for painless recovery after a dreadful technical failure of your E-Commerce platform. First of …

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Content is King and Here’s How You Make the King Serve Your E-Commerce Purposes

September 23, 2015
credit card + notebook + phone

Sales, branding and marketing of an e-commerce platform, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C is insanely difficult today, due availability of resources, enormous competition and cheap fake merchandise that can be found all over the web misguiding and tempting potential customers. Desperate times call for desperate measures and operating an e-commerce resource in such an environment requires serious, pro-active and thought-through planning. Most …

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3 E-commerce Automations Your Client Will Only Thank You For

March 31, 2015

Automation is the key to providing better quality services. You will require it for better user experience on your e-commerce platform as you are, besides all, providing services of online purchases and the more comfortable customers are with your website, the easier shopping is for them the better are your chances of succeeding in the market. But making the choice may be hard and intimidating …

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6 Seemingly Unresolvable Issues Every Online-Shop Owner Should Be Ready To Face

March 30, 2015

When Developers Lie Developers are really smart people. That is, by far, one of the largest reasons chums are great at what they are doing. However, as you all probably know, smart people prefer to avoid obstacles hence your own developers may feed you with excuses why this or that can’t or shan’t be implemented inside your e-commerce solution. The only way out for us, …

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10 Magento Issues That Are Handled Easier Than You Think

September 19, 2014

The only reason you must have started the Magento web development business is to build a high-quality online shop which you could control and design in any way you wanted. After doing the basic installation as well as plugging in the third party applications you want to incorporate there are often some issues connected with what you were going to produce and failed. The ten …

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Web Pages Of E-commerce Sites Under Attack About 100 000

July 29, 2011

  Almost 100 000 Web pages for e-commerce sites that are based on the open source OS Commerce software in accordance with security firm Armorize have been undermined with malware by means of a mass iFrame injection attack. Chief technology officer at Armorize Wayne Huang, said that the ongoing mass-injection attacks seems to be carried out against the e-commerce sites. The successfully attacked sites are compromised …

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