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Mobile Game Development Walkthrough

April 7, 2015

So there was this other day several years ago. I was young and fresh. I already knew several things about actual application development and I was young and enthusiastic (I prefer using this word over ‘stupid’ for reasons) so as you are probably guessing I decided to create my own mobile game as a one man army fueled with the trendy startup spirit and Angry …

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Make Your Startup A Bestselling Entertainment Miracle!

March 30, 2015

Breaking bad in the startup world Everybody’s a startup today. The industry as well as, I won’t be afraid of using these words, entire mankind have changed due increasing amounts of startups that are offering all new possibilities, solutions and functionality. That is amazing! However there always is a slight ‘but’ and our one is, well, the numbers. As I said before, everybody’s a startup, …

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