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3 E-commerce Automations Your Client Will Only Thank You For

March 31, 2015

Automation is the key to providing better quality services. You will require it for better user experience on your e-commerce platform as you are, besides all, providing services of online purchases and the more comfortable customers are with your website, the easier shopping is for them the better are your chances of succeeding in the market. But making the choice may be hard and intimidating …

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Major Changes are Coming! How Will Our Loved Facebook Look Like Shortly?

March 30, 2015

The need to change Facebook, the largest social network is slowly loosing audience nowadays due constant competition from more narrow targeted competitors are literally hypnotizing today’s young generation with new capabilities. Basically Facebook audience pretty much consists of youngsters that are still open to the new and better and the increasing amount of startups provides people with just that kind of stuff. This process is …

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Is Facebook Becoming Outdated for Business Purposes?

February 5, 2015

Facebook was a breakthrough Back in the day Facebook was huge. It was a massive breakthrough. Surely there were other social networks at that time and there are some now but none of them is as massive as Facebook with its over 1 billion followers. What can happen one might say? What may change? Well, Facebook was a breakthrough but that is Past Tense. Today …

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Top 5 Promotion Errors of Businesses on Facebook

June 16, 2014

An increasing number of businesses of every size nowadays set up their Facebook page in order to maintain better presence in their customers’ lives and to extend their customer reach. The rather common steps of this procedure are creating a Facebook business page, including some pretty graphics, posting and gradually gaining followers. But often business owners stay disappointed as their costly efforts in time and …

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Distribution center for Android applications represented by Facebook

May 7, 2012

Facebook has just launched a new version of its Android application, this is a pretty huge update, which brings a much more than snappier features and shinier buttons. As a matter of a fact the new Facebook for Android is represented to act as a distribution channel for all kinds of Android applications. “We are giving social application discovery channels to native applications with the …

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Meet Facebook application for online haters: EnemyGraph

April 5, 2012

We are happy to announce that Facebook software developers have prepared a nice surprise for users, which fed up with “friends” and “likes”. Its name is EnemyGraph and it will allow you to express your inner hater to certain users or public pages (special type of accounts for public persons, companies and brands). Facebook application EnemyGraph was created by two students from the University of …

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Facebook Application Development: Its Facilities and Prospects

December 8, 2011

Facebook as the Most Leading Social Networking Website Facebook proves to be the most demanded social network website in the Internet. Facebook possesses the largest social network amid the millions of students, friends, professionals and nearly all age groups. Facebook applications are developed to increase the interactions and promote the brand. Facebook is not just feeding social groups but there are also business groups, as, …

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Facebook for Windows Phone version 2.2

November 9, 2011

Microsoft has produced  a new version of Facebook for Windows Phone. 2.2 has now an additional support for Mango and can be grabbed from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft released 2.2 version of  Facebook app intended specially for Windows Phone. The largest innovation is the backing for Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as Mango). During the period, when most of the soft provided with Windows …

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HP Tablet is to get Facebook app: even before iPad?

July 8, 2011

Users of iPad have been greatly patient with Facebook. For more than a year they have been begging the social-networking giant to release an iPad-native app. Recently, it was reported that such kind of an app was in final testing and would probably be released in a few weeks. It can still be the case, but now according to TechCrunch, it’s possible that users of …

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