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Pokémon GO – A Vicious Marketing Mastermind Or Step One For New Gen Mobile Games?

July 22, 2016
Pokémon Go - AR development masterpiece?

Only a couple of days after its release, Pokémon GO, a rather controversial Augmented Reality game is surpassing Twitter in daily active users count. The stats speak for themselves: Over 7 million daily active users. About 4% of the population of the Roughly each 25th smartphone user. This is how many people are crazy about Pokémon GO right now in North America only. While the …

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Psychology of F2P Monetization

July 13, 2015
Game player

Free-to-play games are a glorious and rapidly developing industry, however it hides many dangers. Quite hard to earn money on something that is completely free, right? In-app purchases and numerous marketing tricks that encourage them can be marvelous, yet game itself should encourage people to go on and keep investing into personal entertainment. Best way to achieve such results is by ensuring flawless, thought-through gameplay …

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Mobile Game Development Walkthrough

April 7, 2015

So there was this other day several years ago. I was young and fresh. I already knew several things about actual application development and I was young and enthusiastic (I prefer using this word over ‘stupid’ for reasons) so as you are probably guessing I decided to create my own mobile game as a one man army fueled with the trendy startup spirit and Angry …

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