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Google VS Apple: Final Round?

June 17, 2015

War must go on! It has been years that Google and Apple rivaled and so did their fans all over social media. And still, many have used Google tech on Apple devices without any hesitation. Wisest of us were choosing hardware from Apple and used Google’s software. Can you truly imagine your MacBook without Chrome or Gmail or Google Drive? How will you manage to …

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Google Dictates The New Rules Of Responsive!

March 4, 2015

What April holds? Google’s search engines will now be prejudice. Not from this moment, but from April, though that’s not too far from now, considering today is March already. What’s all the fuss about? Websites that are mobile responsive will weigh more to search bots then their less friendly counterparts. Google search engine will prefer mobile friendly websites from April, 21st. The official blog of …

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It’s Really That Big! Sides Of Google You Never Considered!

January 28, 2015

Google is an amazing company… Innovations, techs science-fiction: those are few of many words that are coming up your mind when somebody mentions Google in any conversation. One other word you may consider is BIG. Google’s very big and already working in majority of aspects allowing us to see tech the way it is today and more. This article will not be about spies and …

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Free Cloud-Services? Google Says Yes

July 11, 2014

Recently with regards to a startup named Panzura the Google corporation had a chance to dominate on the market of cloud-services. As we all know Amazon Web Services was the absolute leader in this field. Will it keep its crown? Google now began offering terabytes of free storage. To be more precise two terabytes of storage were offered absolutely free of charge for an entire …

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7 Places You Need to Be: Reaching Google Local Search Leadership

November 5, 2013

Local companies can appear in Google SERPs after registering in Google Places For Business or Google+ Local. But how to become a leader in local search results? For this you need to know 7 places to unfold your activity step by step. Google Places Your business may already be featured in Google SERPs, but in case you want your business information shown more accurately, it’s …

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Clever Ways to Utilize Google Analytics

April 30, 2013

Google Analytics is the most popular website statistics service that was presented by Google. The web service offers detailed statistics about traffic of the website and its sources, sales and conversions measurements. Google Analytics has capabilities to track visitors from all sources, including social networks and search engines. Google Analytics is no question great for tracking efficiency of PPC campaign and checking visits on your …

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