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HTML5 Apps: How Great Are They?

May 21, 2015

Choices are hard, especially if you are a serious Enterprise and you have to come up with the perfect platform for your future custom or customized program. There is always a lot of pressure regarding such choices and numerous factors that ultimately depend on the right choice. Despite there is no correct answer and no perfect platform I will discuss several advantages HTML5 may provide …

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Why is it better to use HTML5 than Flash?

May 7, 2013

The debates what to use Flash or HTML5 started long ago and are still going on. But till now it has not been decided which one has obvious advantage over another. While designing a website it is important to know the areas in which the latest fifth version of HTML drops behind Flash. The clear benefit of HTML 5 in comparison with Flash is the …

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HTML5: Breakthrough in the web design sphere

May 2, 2012

The development of HTML into the HTML5 began in 2004, but only in 2007 the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) started to make contributions to the specifications which are not supposed to be completed until 2020-2022. The most recent specification is available for review as the HTML5 Working Draft and the HTML5 Editor’s Draft and an alternative edition HTML5 – A technical specification …

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HTML5 strong and weak points

April 27, 2012

HTML5 is the most updated HTML version which is at present treated as the best standard and provides the newest and developed facilities to design and accomplish Web pages. Below are listed several innovative points and features that HTML5 users and developers can now enjoy. it became possible to pull the content into a page with the help of ‘audio’ and ‘video’ tags. The elements …

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Interesting stuff about Java and HTML5

March 13, 2012

HTML5 is a modern tool helping the developers to make their projects. For example, some of the social networks are based on the HTML5, Apple’s mobile gadgets of new generation support HTML5. We know HTML5 helps end-users to get a rich content in a simple way. This one also makes the importance of Adobe Flash and Microsoft’ Silverlight not so significant. However, many experts in …

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Adobe releases HTML 5 rich media editor

August 2, 2011

The new Adobe Edge application repeats some capabilities of Flash deploying Web standards. Placing the seeds to potentially ruinous its own successful franchise that is based on Flash animation, the preview version of a new application was released, named Adobe Edge. It was created for assembling dynamic Web content utilizing HTML5 as well as Web standards that are web related. Generally, Web designers have deployed …

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Google: 500,000 of Android devices activated daily

June 29, 2011

Andy Rubin declares growing activations of Google. Activations of Android device are skyrocketing. Today Andy Rubin, Google Android chief tweeted that more than 500 000 Android devices are activated every day all over the world. And what is more, he added that activations are increasing at a rate of 4.4% week-after-week. This figure gets more essential when someone considers that just the previous month at Google’s …

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Current and Forthcoming Trends of Web Design

April 18, 2011

Trends of design are more like a guidance to assist to set new rules and ideas every time we create a design. It is evident that in the world of web designing, trends change quickly so if in order to survive in the industry of web design it is essential to bring yourself up to date with the latest trends constantly. Similar to fashion, graphic …

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