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Six most popular free cloud storage for Entrepreneurs

August 4, 2014

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always brainstorming, looking for that million dollar idea. Given the fact that all businesses are somehow tied to computers in one way or another nowadays, chances are your idea will be too, so one of the primordial needs will be finding a cloud storage service that will provide you with the features you need at a decent price. After all, …

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Photo Stream: meet the new iCloud

November 4, 2011

Photo Stream is newly made iCloud which is going to assimilate you and your computer in a few steps. Beware! Is Microsoft really The Evil Empire, or it truly relates to Apple? Well, to be confident, neither one nor another was particularly evil but finding the occurrence of iCloud after the upgrade to iOS 5 on the PC, begin to wonder. Apple is trying to …

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