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The Evolution of Go: A History of Success

March 20, 2018
golang technology

Ten years ago, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson started sketching the concept and goals for a new programming language — Golang. Two years later Go was released to the public as an open source project. Since then lots of people have been using it for various purposes. Go language is growing rapidly, although it has both many fans and many critics. We collected …

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World’s Leading Mobile Developers Share Their Vision of the Future of Android App Design

August 22, 2016
Android mobile app design trends

Progress never stops and every single industry in the world evolves and changes its shape over the course of the years. Look around—the world that you know is transforming dynamically and constantly. The fast-paced nature of the technology evolution mesmerizes us and often prevents us from looking far into the future. However, there are some obvious and not-so-obvious aspects of the industry that can be …

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iOS 10 + Siri: High Time to Make Her Listen and Perform

May 25, 2016
Apple's sexy version of Siri development for iOS

Innovations and tech advancements in iPhone app development have always been Apple’s mojo. Siri was first implemented in the iPhone 4 in 2011 (and it became its smoking hot selling point). It was an elite and insider’s experience for ’club members’ only. The experience of future, both desired and tingling. Though Siri hasn’t passed the Turing test (by the way, a boy from Odessa is …

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TOR: Protecting Your Right for Anonymity

October 15, 2015

What do you conjure up in mind when you hear Darknet? Illegal weapons, pornography and drugs? Well, in fact, it is not only about it. There is a large part of Darknet which is legal and aims at protecting a person’s right for anonymity first of all. In countries with authoritarian government TOR has been a critical instrument for dissident movements. It has also proven …

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Have They Finally Done It Right? Here’s out Windows 10 Test-Drive Analysis

August 6, 2015
Windows 10

Oh, my! Windows 10 is here and internet is overfilled with posts containing hopes, dreams, desires and tears of both joy and despair. Some say Win 10 is revolutionary, others call it another “piece of crap”. So who’s right and who’s not and could it be people from Microsoft really gained their mojo back? A job well done! Microsoft blooms right now with a series …

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The Art of Augmented Reality: Future is Coming

June 30, 2015

Augmented reality is not a fiction. Technologies of AR are aimed to expand the boundaries of visible by interacting with smartphones, sensors, cameras, projectors or other devices. Practically, augmented reality “transfers” objects from a real world into a virtual world and combines both of these in a mixed visual or interactive space. In other words, AR complements a physical world with digital elements. “So, it …

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