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Why Tolerate A Lagging Site? 10 Speed-Up Tips For Joomla

October 13, 2014

Why Does Speed Matter? If you have a Joomla-powered website that is currently slow, you should consider a couple reasons why it’s bad for you. First, users just hate long loading time and quit after 2 seconds of waiting. Second, Google takes your site speed in account for search ranking. That must be enough for you to start fixing your speed problems, isn’t it? Can …

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Why the Next 10 Years of Drupal Will Smash the Last 10

October 8, 2014

They grow so fast… 2001 seems so close and yet so far. Just imagine the way Drupal came through before becoming what it currently is. This CMS has actually matured over the past years, considering people became treating it seriously somewhere around 2007 it was quite a skyrocketing experience. Businesses, governments, education, etc. All those areas are trusting Drupal with their sites as for now. …

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What is Joomla and its potential

December 8, 2011

Joomla is an open source content management system that is very popular in website building software. Joomla attracted multitude of the web developers as an essential tool thanks to its great number of alluring features. That is expansible, easy to use and first of all is an open source solution which anyone can use free of charge. Joomla proved to be a high quality content …

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Joomla developing crew and working space

November 10, 2011

Let us show you the structure of JoomlaArt team. First of all we will investigate on-site stuff, which contains of young and fully inspired individuals. These youth has a strong willpower to develop their routine works and to aim for the best outcomes for each visitor. Some statistical facts: The oldest JoomlaArt guy is 52. The youngest JA girl is 22. The median age among …

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