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The One Best Way to Sell and Market Your Solutions

August 11, 2015
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Tim Cook states that their store includes more than 1.2 million applications. Add ones from the Play market and you will get a really sad picture. Your seemingly ultimate, supreme and useful solution ends up in a store with approximately 10K+ competing applications of the same niche and with seemingly exact value. And you know what? People have already downloaded some of those 10K apps. …

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Short Is Good in Email Marketing

May 28, 2015

So you are in for a brand new email marketing campaign and are facing a dilemma: people don’t bother reading long emails and you simply have too much to offer to make the long thing short. Well yes, surely every word you are willing to say is of value and importance and any piece of the offer cannot be left out otherwise the overall picture …

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Making The Best Of Your App Marketing Campaign

April 1, 2015

Mobile apps are something people are using multiple times and on a daily basis. Push notifications may be the best way of driving sales to new frontiers if approached wisely. We are open to amazing capabilities of cross-channel app advertising and marketing today however let’s leave this part be for a while until we are clear with Profiles. Profiles This is a relatively new concept …

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Marketing Ideas From Places You Never Bother Looking At

March 19, 2015

So consider the following: your business requires marketing – that is a fact hence the world we live in is cruel and competitive and you’re marketing requires researches because you require to be aware how to sell your services and who may be interested. Surely all of this may be hard to implement due short marketing budgets and the constant lack of extra dollars that …

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11 Great Ideas For Your Content Marketing

October 2, 2014

Content Marketing is the new king of online sales and not only. 9 out of 10 companies are using content marketing in achieving their goals, attracting leads, etc. Imagine all that content competing with each other for a fair share of users. Nowadays internet is no place to run out of fresh ideas thus here is a nice list that may assist you with your …

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5 Business Uses of Marketing Automation

March 14, 2014

The automation adoption reports are expected to reach 50% by 2015 which means more and more businesses are using marketing automation. Let’s consider 5 ways your company should implement the techniques of marketing automation. 1. Defining long-term value, identifying prime up-sell and cross-sell opportunities Effective targeting is achieved by a more profound understanding of your users in which techniques like customer profitability analysis, defining buyer personas, …

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