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Mozilla and Samsung Will Collaborate to Create a Browser Engine of the Future

April 9, 2013

Recently on Wednesday, April 3, Mozilla and Samsung have announced their intention to collaborate on a new highly innovative project. Mozilla-free software community and the Firefox browser developer have collaborated with Samsung Group to lead the development of “new generation” browser engine called Servo. The cornerstone of the upcoming browser is its new search engine, which has capabilities of massive parallel processing of multi-core processors …

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Mozilla to develop mobile OS for the Web

August 3, 2011

Boot to Gecko, the project will deploy some code from Android. Last Monday Mozilla has launched a new project to develop an operating system for mobile gadgets which will run apps principally on the Web. According to a post which a group of Mozilla developers published on a wiki page concerning the project, they wrote that they wanted to find the gaps which keep web …

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Inevitable Damage Control – Enterprise Group of Mozilla

July 20, 2011

  According to a Mozilla company blog post, Mozilla has re-established its Enterprise Group, it will be a place for enterprise programmers, Firefox developers and IT staff to discuss the ideas, best practices for utilizing Firefox in the enterprise. The move goes after Asa Dotzler, Mozilla evangelist irked IT experts by arguing on a blog thread about the new rapid release schedule of Firefox that …

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