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How to Hire a PHP Developer Rock-Star?

December 26, 2016

Whenever a company wants to hire PHP developers for launching an important project or to maintain an existing one, they want to ensure the candidate is fit for the job. It’s obvious that one short interview is not enough to evaluate an applicant properly.  Therefore, in order to make sure you hire PHP developer rock-star able to do the intended job, the biggest part of …

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PHP Things You May Have or You May Have Not Known (With Infographics)

March 2, 2015

Did you know all that? So you are a PHP developer. Or, perhaps you are business owner with several PHP projects. Or your startup focuses on making a brand new Facebook app that will revolutionize social media? In any of those cases deep knowledge of PHP techniques, tools, methodologies, and hacks and so on is essential. Though all listed above is essential there are still …

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The PHP UK Conference Invites Developers for Annual Event in London

February 18, 2014

QArea team is going to visit the 9th annual PHP UK conference in London on 21-22 of February 2014. The conference is run solely by volunteer members of the PHP London community and dates back with the start at 2006. QArea outsourcing company often takes part in conferences of various kind targeted on different IT topics.  PHP developers from QArea will be present on The …

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Top 5 PHP Frameworks

January 9, 2014

Using proper frameworks in PHP software development brings robustness and success to the process as it enables quick, simple and efficient developing. Choosing a particular PHP framework usually depends on developers’ preferences. There are numerous frameworks available over the Internet and each one has its special features.

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Pros and Cons of PHP Scripting

June 12, 2013

PHP scripting language is most often used for Web software development, especially often it is used coupled with some database software, for example MySQL. But it is actually not the only choice while programming. Along with PHP for software development other languages can be exploited including Python, Java, Perl and C#. In order to decide if this language is the best option for you, we …

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How to Choose the Right PHP Development Company

April 1, 2013

The choice of the right outsourcing company is not as simple as it seems. When a company resorts to outsourcing it risks entrusting its intangible property. Trying to keep the source code safe many companies hesitate to outsource their website projects and do it themselves. Examine a few issues to check before hiring an outsourcing company: Content Management System: Learn if the outsourcing company has …

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We Will Give You a Few Hints on How to Hire a Competent PHP Developer

March 20, 2013

Server-side scripting language (PHP) was designed for website, various applications and portals development, and general-purpose scripting language. Over 20 million websites were developed using the PHP programming showing a high demand around the world to utilize this scripting language. PHP programming helps to embed most exceptional features and rich applications to your website giving an enormous advantage to its users. Here are some important tips …

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