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How to Hire a PHP Developer Rock-Star?

December 26, 2016

Whenever a company wants to hire PHP developers for launching an important project or to maintain an existing one, they want to ensure the candidate is fit for the job. It’s obvious that one short interview is not enough to evaluate an applicant properly.  Therefore, in order to make sure you hire PHP developer rock-star able to do the intended job, the biggest part of …

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6 Tips on Smooth Code Review

May 2, 2014

PHP application development process often suffers from ineffective code reviews. Why? One of the main reasons why code review can get off track proves to be the participants’ attitude to this procedure as if it was intended to demonstrate who the best programmer out there is. Instead of holding mental matches, the developers whose code is reviewed should assume a learning approach to this activity …

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A short research about work and life of PHP developers

February 7, 2012

We’ve known about the interesting research that was made by our foreign colleagues. They interviewed approximately 3,335 PHP developers about their work and life and we want you just look here on the results. The first question was about which projects PHP developers would be working on in 2012 year. Now we know most of them will be creating different mobile applications. The figures say …

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Drupal OpenSource CMS

December 8, 2011

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) which is very helpful for web development and content management. It is written in PHP and spread under the General Public License (GNU). Drupal is utilized as a back-end system for not less then 1.5 % of all websites worldwide beginning from personal blogs to political, government and corporate sites. It is also employed for business collaboration …

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NYSE Euronext use PHP`s Advantages for Delivering Web Assets

November 23, 2011

The Zend PHP solution was chosen by NYSE Euronext Global Web Organization (NYX) to build a new global project and manage and deploy the applications, as Zend Technologies announced on October 13, 2011.  It would supply its cusyomers with more business value and great online experience. NYSE Euronext delevered about 40 web applications for U.S. customers and accelerated their development. They achieved nearly 200 percent …

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PHP Fog Clears the Way for LAMP as a Service

July 19, 2011

  The Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP-based service layers caching, code version control, database scaling, load balancing and features lift up an Amazon Web Services foundation. PHP Fog represents a platform-as-a-service offering which targets PHP-based applications. The PHP Fog service, near a handful of other up-to-date services, fills what presented a gap in the PaaS market, because the well-known PaaS offerings target other languages, mainly …

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Which PHP Framework to Choose?

May 1, 2011

  Which PHP framework to use has become a very important question for the most sites. But there is no concrete answer, there are several good frameworks out there which facilitate the job and make it more structured. So let’s just review the most popular frameworks: CakePHP CakePHP presents a rapid development framework for PHP, which offers an expansible architecture for creating, maintaining and utilizing …

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