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5 Insane And Unexpected Programming Languages Ever Invented

October 12, 2015

Who said programming cannot be fun, or wacky, or crazy? Who said you can’t program with sonnets of Shakespeare? Yes you can, and here is a fine list of most bizarre, intriguing or entertaining programming languages the world has to offer! Chef. This language was designed in 2002 by David Morgan-Mar. Programs written in this language look like delicious recipes for cooking. All variables are …

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How to Learn Computer Programming in Nano

June 29, 2012

Modern digital technologies create a need for different programming languages, which are used in various applications as, for instance, Apple, web, Windows, etc. However, currently, computer programming in Nano has become one of the newest trends. It is accepted that a Nano computer could function a million times faster than his team-mate a microprocessor-based computer. The reason for fthis is that one out of many …

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Habitual programming is coming to its end

June 8, 2012

If Oracle will defend his claim in court, that copyright may be distributed to the API, this will worsen almost all aspects of the programming. Oracle has always disliked the developers. There are the blood of programmers-founders in the veins of Microsoft and Google, and Oracle — it is a company, which primarily specializes in databases, which relentlessly pursues its business objectives. The company is …

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ABC of Programming for children

April 30, 2012

In our century of computer technologies development and distribution it seems to be hardly possible to live without at least some knowledge about these clever iron machines and those who possess more knowledge are in more beneficial position concerning all life spheres. Taking this fact into consideration it is quite obvious that the thoughts about giving your kid at least basic computer knowledge appeared in …

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Java needs cloud accommodations – Spring Framework founder

June 23, 2011

  Rod Johnson states that Java should embrace the lead when it is about cloud computing or risk being covered by languages such as Ruby. In order to maintain its prominence, Java should develop to meet the requirements of cloud computing, as the author of the popular Java Spring Framework said recently. According to founder of Spring Rod Johnson, VMware senior vice president said at …

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