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That’s How You Make Your Business Healthy and Fit with Automated Process

November 8, 2016
Make Your Business Healthy and Fit

Have you ever considered making your business work harder, better, faster, stronger? If so, these thoughts have hit you for a reason, especially if you are still doing everything in an old-school way. For instance, sending letters to a crowd of potential customers can be quite a pain in the neck. It is virtually impossible to reach your audience if you don’t have the faintest …

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Banking Application Development: The Only Way to Appropriate Project Management

July 13, 2016
secure banking application development

Premium software is a must-have investment for modern commercial structures. It is very important for banks and other financial institutes to pay close attention to their management systems. Banking software development companies focus on creating secure software that follows international standards for the industry. Modern banks have multiple branches with each branch serving hundreds or even thousands of clients. Millions of interactions between a bank …

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Web Design Psychology Part 2: The Power of Words!

June 9, 2015
Power of words

It’s never the story you tell that matters, but how you tell it! Nicolas Sparks once said – Every great love starts with a great story. You may transform your very own story into something greater – true love of your customers and site visitors. Your brand may easily stand out from the crowd simply because you have just the right words written down on …

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Top Hot 3 Tools to Manage Any Project Ever

May 29, 2015
Team management

Being a project manager is hard and requires lots of effort, dedication and determination. I will certainly bore you with numerous nuances (until my next series of articles I have prepared for you, at least) of this profession as there are just too many to perfectly fit in one post. Let’s talk about things that tend to make life easier for a moment. We have …

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Lifecycle traceability – an important feature of any ALM solution

February 11, 2015

Many IT companies these days are faced with short deadlines in which they need to deliver complex software, without compromising on the quality of the finished product. The IT world has become extremely demanding and programmers constantly need to come up with ways to deliver their projects in time and within budget. To this extent, Application Lifecycle Management has offered organizations an invaluable help in …

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5 Things Causing Developers to Lose Motivation At Work

October 29, 2014

Is work only about money? And if it’s only about money, what makes developers quit their jobs? Practice shows that the most common reason for leaving a good-paid software development job is lack of motivation. And here are 5 things that make developers’ motivation reduce quickly no matter how much money they are offered: 1. Bad management Good management is an indispensable motivation factor for …

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Manage With Comfort: 5 Open Source QA Solutions

July 22, 2014

Software development isn’t a field to mess with. Make a bugged app ones and there will be no strike one or two. You’re out and out for good.That’s why we have QA. But testing also requires development of different and specialized software. There are lots of apps existing that are made for comfortable management of one-or-two parts of the entire testing process. Such solutions made …

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