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How to Save Your Budget with Timely Quality

November 11, 2016
Timely quality

You’ve probably heard about an American $1 billion rocket which destroyed itself 40 seconds after it took off because of a software bug. You probably think that only bugs on such large-scale projects can cause such gargantuan damage. Unless you are going to launch a shuttle there is nothing to worry about – some might say. If any bugs arise, they can simply be fixed …

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QArea Was Recognized As One of Top QA Service Providers

July 28, 2015
Qarea the best

As Professor Farnsworth once said: Good news, everyone! QArea just got one step closer to overall global recognition. This time we have hit big by being considered third best software testing service provider according to a research conducted by Washington, dc-based Company – Clutch. It was quite a surprise for us actually, however a pleasant one indeed. It’s always nice to get credit for hard …

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