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How to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

January 19, 2015

Making websites mobile friendly is what the majority of online companies are doing today, because not only does it present a better marketing technique, but it also makes it easier for those who want to access websites that they need on the go. Going mobile friendly is in the best interest of your business because it also means more traffic for your website. The more …

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2 Major Elements That Are To Be There In Your Responsive Design Otherwise you Are Toast

November 10, 2014

It looks like all hell broke loose with responsive. Everybody wants a piece of that pie but few are able of gaining a proper share as it is quite a thing to master. Sure people wish to browse web via various devices, but they are also interested in comfort, convenience and the looks of websites they are browsing through. So the question is – what …

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Responsive Web Design: 5 Tools to Try First

April 4, 2014

While building a website today developers are challenged by a great number of sizes and browsers which is really daunting. Additionally, with mobile adoption in bloom, the diversity of handheld devices is growing exponentially. Luckily, with modern testing tools and frameworks for responsive web design you don’t need any custom code.

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