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Ride Those Rails With Style!

September 14, 2015

Imagine a world where you can easily deflect any challenge your RoR project throws at you. That perfect world can indeed become reality once you put your mind to it. Ruby on rails development includes numerous simple tricks and hacks that can dramatically assist developers. The only trouble is that useful things are often too tiny to be spotted at the right moment. That is …

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Do You Want TDD for Your Ruby on Rails-Based Web App?

July 30, 2015

TDD Test-Driven Development is now practically everywhere. Agile is marching with miles-wide steps through development and only the lazy have not tried it yet (although, I believe, even the lazy have some clues as for now). How were things back in the day? Developers were writing code and it was tested at some point before the release by QA. And what is in trend now? …

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6 Useful Tips for Ruby on Rails Beginners

September 30, 2014

Ruby on Rails is an efficient Web framework that has become increasingly popular over the years among app developers. The main advantage of Rails is that it considerably speeds up the development process, rendering it much less costly. Whether you’re just starting your journey with Rails, or you’re a seasoned enthusiast of the framework, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the …

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6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Ruby and Ruby on Rails

June 24, 2013

1. Aggressive web development market. Recently the web development market has met a huge growth, as well as the competition has. Ruby on Rails development allows a developer to carry out orders much faster helping to reduce man-hours and costs significantly. Thanks to this developers can do more work or orders for the same amount of time and lower the price without compromising the quality of work. …

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Hackers Still Exploit the Vulnerability of Ruby on Rails

May 31, 2013

Ruby on Rails represents a widespread framework which allows developing web apps on the Ruby language. The Ruby on Rails app’s vulnerability is actively used by hackers with the view of compromising web servers and creation of a botnet. Although avoiding the existing problem of vulnerability the developers of the Ruby on Rails have already launched a security patch in January. The problem is that …

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Push Forward your Web Apps with Ruby on Rails

December 8, 2011

Ruby on Rails represents a recent entry into the Web application development world. It is gaining mindshare fast, even while in beta versions. Through automating the development of the most common types of Web application Rails succeeds while not straight jacketing you in case you wish to add atypical or custom requirements. Furthermore, if to compare to great number of Free Libraries which present individual …

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