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Social media analytics tools: what is the value of insights?

September 28, 2015
Analytics tools

It seems like everyone and their cat has social media life now and the amount of data available is huge and updates every second. Such big amount of valuable information requires proper approach to its leveraging. In fact, handling these ever flowing streams of data is a daunting task. However, it is a challenge which is worth accepting. If taken sensibly, the data can provide …

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Top 3 Elements You Probably Should Have Added Into Your Social Networks By Now

August 26, 2015

Social Media really pushes business to skyrocketing sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Especially if custom-tailored social networks enter the stage. People love to share anything of even slightest value as long as this mentioned value reflects their nature. Smart business owners have already invested in creation of appropriate, targeted social networks and brilliantly exploit this desire. Nevertheless, once developed will not remain in trend …

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Is Facebook Really Desperate For New Markets?

July 20, 2015
Facebook for marketers

Facebook is a giant that may be considered one of internet’s dinosaurs today. Surely it has went through vast changes since it was originally released transforming into something we have now. Some people managed to get tired from Facebook and even call it boring. Luckily people behind Facebook are really smart (how else could it be?) and they listen to feedback. They also have a …

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Make Your Social Media Branding More Human!

June 8, 2015
Humanize social media

Social Media is an astonishing tool you may achieve great results with. Simply imagine all the available opportunities of global customer reach, branding and even more engagement in your business social networks may provide you with. However, despite everything listed above only few businesses are great with this kind of marketing, whilst the majority, despite full understanding of this matters vitality remain far from achieving …

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No More Facebook for Russians?

July 8, 2014

The law in Russia seems to be getting more Chinese than ever. July started with unpleasant news for all Internet users of the huge Russian Federation. On July 1, the parliament passed the bill which makes online services store personal info about their Russian users nowhere but in Russia.

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