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QArea Inc.’s Quality of Techno Services Gets Approved by GoodFirms

February 2, 2018

QArea Inc., the European Testing Awards 2016 and 2017 finalist, has positioned itself in the worldwide market of information and technology for qualitative custom software development and testing services. Its validity originates from the committed team of QArea Inc. that holds the potential of altering showcased vulnerabilities into customer’s emulous advantages utilizing programming power. Whether it is about actualizing imaginative web, mobile, and desktop applications or capable …

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Tech Blogs Every CTO Should Follow

November 1, 2017
tech blogs for cto

Living in a fast pace, we all are looking for brief and insightful sources of information. To save the precious time, we prefer 140 characters tweets, newsletters from the Hustle (your smart friend sending an email with tech and business news you need to know, as they described themselves) and Facebook shares of whom we trust and respect. That is why reading tweets from opinion …

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How to reduce Tech Debt: A Practical Experience Guide

October 11, 2017

So now we are going to talk about what technical debt really is and how we can reduce it. Everything you wanted to know is here – actual practical steps. Let’s say, you want to outwork your competition and add features before competitors, the release date is pressing on you, and your client wants the new stuff right here right now. What do you do then? …

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Is Pokemon Go an AR Tech Push All of Us Needed?

July 20, 2016
Pokemon GO AR App

Pokemon GO keeps racking up numbers and threatens Tweeter’s crown of the most actively used application in the world of mobile applications. Before we start talking about the prospects this technological phenomenon opens up for our industry, we need to take a firmer grasp on some crucial statistics. On July 13, SurveyMonkey confirmed that Pokemon GO is officially the biggest US mobile game ever. With …

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iOS 10 + Siri: High Time to Make Her Listen and Perform

May 25, 2016
Apple's sexy version of Siri development for iOS

Innovations and tech advancements in iPhone app development have always been Apple’s mojo. Siri was first implemented in the iPhone 4 in 2011 (and it became its smoking hot selling point). It was an elite and insider’s experience for ’club members’ only. The experience of future, both desired and tingling. Though Siri hasn’t passed the Turing test (by the way, a boy from Odessa is …

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TOR: Protecting Your Right for Anonymity

October 15, 2015

What do you conjure up in mind when you hear Darknet? Illegal weapons, pornography and drugs? Well, in fact, it is not only about it. There is a large part of Darknet which is legal and aims at protecting a person’s right for anonymity first of all. In countries with authoritarian government TOR has been a critical instrument for dissident movements. It has also proven …

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17 Fun and Random Facts from the IT Industry

September 24, 2015

I’ve heard you love fun facts! Well, here are the best of that that are somewhat related to Information technology and science. Hope you will have as much fun reading through them and learning something new as I did while researching materials for this post. Here we go! Email is quite older than the World Wide Web. Your fingers travel more than 12 miles on …

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Have They Finally Done It Right? Here’s out Windows 10 Test-Drive Analysis

August 6, 2015
Windows 10

Oh, my! Windows 10 is here and internet is overfilled with posts containing hopes, dreams, desires and tears of both joy and despair. Some say Win 10 is revolutionary, others call it another “piece of crap”. So who’s right and who’s not and could it be people from Microsoft really gained their mojo back? A job well done! Microsoft blooms right now with a series …

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