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What You Can and Should Do With Twitter

May 6, 2015

SEM Services are on fire today! Time flies faster than tweets. Trends change and people demand new, better ways of entertainment. That is exactly why they use twitter and Facebook. Sure their activities may seem like communication or social interactions or even work, but, to tell you the truth internet is entirely about entertainment. People demand soft, smooth, simple and beautiful solution. It can even …

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No more Automatic Follow Backs on Twitter

July 10, 2013

Since last week Twitter no longer allows its users automatically following back other user’ accounts. Now in order to follow someone who has followed your account first you will have to press a button manually. On July 4th Twitter representative claimed that the clause which permitted automated follow backs was removed thus making users decide themselves after manual review whether to follow back or not. …

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Twitter warms up our hearts

November 13, 2011

Exactly at the moment when you believe you’ve seen the most up-to-date outlet or feature for public media, new rework neglects. The recent paradigm – Twitter. One billion tweets boosted weekly, that’s the reason why Twitter is a power that engage for changing the public media scenery. As argument of the network’s ceaseless strains to supply subscribers with the best occasions, the five-year-old internet giant …

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Twitter hits a million apps and turns to developers thereof

July 12, 2011

Today Twitter announced that it has achieved the 1 million apps milestone. So how many of them could you name? Ok, so probably a more significant question is how many of the Twitter apps do you utilize? Thus this milestone lifts up other questions, such as how many of those 1 million apps are still running? And may be more importantly, if the installed base …

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