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Web development in 2018: Trends and Predictions

December 6, 2017

What global trends are going to shape web development and technology market? Our experts defined 3 main innovations: the growth of artificial intelligence potential, the creation of new security solutions, Internet of Things. What do they mean in 2018 for developers and business owners and how can we get ready for the next year? We have made a list to describe main opportunities and challenges …

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How To Make An App Like Trello: Case Study By QArea’s Expert Web Developers

June 30, 2017

Project Brief A marvel from web development experts, Strategic Quadrant is a product designed to enhance decision making and team management efforts. While inspired by Trello, the product still delivers certain levels of innovation to the “traditional Kanban” board of tasks and assignments. Even a single Quadrant allows new possibilities for teams: tasks can be easily organized, tracked, discussed in a sophisticated, collaborate fashion. That …

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QArea, the web development company, is nominated for Red Herring top-100 finalists.

April 20, 2017

QArea is among Red Herring Finalists We inform that QArea is among the Red Herring finalists. That means we are nominated to be included in Red Herring 2017 Top-100 Companies list in Europe. Participation and winning awards in such ratings means much for our team and reminds us to keep focus on the service we provide. All our departments put their efforts together to achieve …

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Unit Tests. Why Testable Code Matters? (Part 2)

January 26, 2016

Testing code is not enough to be smart. Code has to be created testable in advance. This ensures higher ROI with fewer investments. Plus there are bonuses: significant levels of scalability, stability and maintainability. Thus we continue the cycle of posts entirely dedicated to creation of testable-first software code. Oh, and here’s the fastest way to get to the Part 1 of this story, in …

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Fort Knox Is Child’s Play Compared To Web Security We Offer

December 1, 2015

How would you feel if one day you try entering your own business website and it’s gone? Completely. Without a trace. A complete zero instead of its former glory. You would feel devastated at the very least, right? And it can be worse. Your site can still be there but with unappropriated content, Viagra ads or anything of that sort. A painful strike to your …

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Control Minds and Hearts of Your Customers through Accurate Web Design

September 9, 2015

Image from “Inside Out” by Walt Disney Pictures Pixar Animation Studios Your own corporate website is the perfect tool you can actually manipulate people’s minds and opinions with. To your advantage, of course. It’s not that you will achieve some actual magic effects from decent website creation but if all is done right you will definitely get into people’s minds and will not be forgotten. …

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What Should You Do For Your Web Design To Be Awesome?

September 24, 2014

Web design is as important to your webpage as air. If everything is looking great and understandable you will have your user audience. If not, well, it’s a cruel world we are living in. Thus it’s Usability and Utility that are making sure you have some extra users not the fancy layout. After all the entire page was built for them to see it, to …

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6 Web Design Trends Which Are Doomed In 2014

March 7, 2014

All who are excited to see the coming changes in the new year, may also want to know which kinds of trends will emerge in the world of web design. However, every person who is somehow involved in web development nowadays should keep track not only of trendy details in web design, but also of on-the-way-out designing trends which have to be left out not …

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