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Golang Web Development: Better Than Python?

October 4, 2017

In the world of web development, agility is a king. Businesses gain a competitive edge by having their websites and web applications developed faster with fewer expenses and resources involved. Moreover, not only do they want fast on-demand web development, the demand is also high for advanced usability and seamless user experience. This calls for the emergence of more functional and advanced programming languages for …

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Golang for DevOps

September 11, 2017

Golang is discussed here as an open source programming language providing nice features for DevOps while developing highly competitive concurrent programs and performing clear outcome for outsourcing software companies. Golang Basic Features Golang Development Pros and Cons Benefit from Go being not a developer Specialist’s personal insights into Go As I came back home today my head was full of thoughts in a mess as …

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How To Optimize A Mess Of A Database And Make E-Commerce Run Like Clockwork?

July 5, 2017
How to Optimize a Database for eCommerce

Imagine having a store locator site that’s colossal in terms of both volumes and scaling! Oh, who are our Drupal developers kidding? You either already have one of these bad boys or are planning to make one work for your business in the nearest future given you are reading these very words. And guess what? As examples of Big Data projects show, these kinds of …

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Why start loving ASP.NET web development?

February 10, 2017

  These days there are lots of discussions on the brand-new techs like Golang and Virtual Realities. Older and more classical technologies are gradually fading into oblivion. We do not want them to be forgotten, thus today we will talk about ASP.NET. While there is always an extensive choice, why use exactly this famous Microsoft “child” for web development? Lots of industries have already recognized …

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8 Reasons You Need To Go #Golang

November 18, 2016
Go Goofer. Golang development services

There are multiple programming languages, with their pros and cons, and each of them has its advocates and opponents. It would take months to discuss which one is better so the most reasonable thing is to choose the one which fits a certain purpose better than the others. Golang will be perfect for those who want to combine concurrency, safety, and simplicity of the code. …

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Beginner Front-End Developers – Hear These Words!

August 27, 2015

Front-end development is a flaming trend and a lit beacon today that attracts young professionals. Numerous creative and artistic natures have started to embrace technological aspects to deliver users with jaw-dropping solutions. However new beginnings are always difficult. Thus our experts have decided to provide young, promising experts with several pieces of advice. By the way, most of following advices are applicable to hardcore professionals …

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Butterfly Effect in Web App Development

July 31, 2015
Butterfly effect

Small changes can make a huge difference! Numerous businesses had to delay software releases or even decline entire products because of unexpected crashes and failures in the code that took place after additional functionality was delivered and integrated into completed applications. If one looks beyond mere practices and methodologies of development he may truly realize that other laws can be applied to software as well. …

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Do You Want TDD for Your Ruby on Rails-Based Web App?

July 30, 2015

TDD Test-Driven Development is now practically everywhere. Agile is marching with miles-wide steps through development and only the lazy have not tried it yet (although, I believe, even the lazy have some clues as for now). How were things back in the day? Developers were writing code and it was tested at some point before the release by QA. And what is in trend now? …

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Where to Store Web App Business Logic?

July 8, 2015

There are several organizations who practice a peculiar activity. Those businesses develop web apps where all the business logic is stored in database procedures. This practice, while fully operational in theory tends to be of negotiable value in practice. Here’s an example: HTML that is used for view as controllers thus client requests are diverted to appropriate databases. This choice may seem quite acceptable when …

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