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Have They Finally Done It Right? Here’s out Windows 10 Test-Drive Analysis

August 6, 2015
Windows 10

Oh, my! Windows 10 is here and internet is overfilled with posts containing hopes, dreams, desires and tears of both joy and despair. Some say Win 10 is revolutionary, others call it another “piece of crap”. So who’s right and who’s not and could it be people from Microsoft really gained their mojo back? A job well done! Microsoft blooms right now with a series …

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We Present You – The PushToNet App!

May 7, 2015

What’s PushToNet? You do know we are Microsoft’s Gold Certified partner? Well, this title has several obligations, one of which is that we have to develop some of our own solutions to support the community. This isn’t bad, on contraire, it’s amazing and it is, indeed, one of the most enjoyable things for our developers. They create software that is theirs. How did we come …

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The Changes That The Next Windows Can Bring

August 11, 2014

It is extremely hard to develop a swell OS which would be equally good for both desktop as well as touchscreen devices. Windows 8 was supposed to do so… Supposed to. And, although Windows 8 was close to a fiasco, and the attempt to save it with Windows 8.1 was not much of a success either (although it did quite well for the 8) we …

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Windows 8 Vs. Windows 7: Caught The Benefits for Your Device

November 8, 2012

Windows 8 is a new gift of Microsoft to users. The main difference from the previous version is new interface style for touchscreens: laptops, PC or tablet. Windows 7 was greeted with fans applause, but Windows 8 version is an effort to show that Windows can run on iPad-like tablets. Let’s consider some improvements Windows 8 bring to your tablet. Touch screen. Of course, the …

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Music Production Comparison: iOS Vs. Android vs. Windows

October 10, 2012

  Have you ever noticing that there are plenty of cool music apps on iOS and nothing valuable on the Android. The point is that Android developers cannot create well-customized application for this system. Let’s figure out why. Android The latency in Android is about 100 ms. This is usually for players and other simple apps. But for music production software this latency is unacceptable. …

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What you need to know about Windows Phone 7

December 8, 2011

  At the latest Mobile World Congress Microsoft gave people a brief glimpse of the long-expected Windows Phone 7. There are some new features such as the integration of many of Microsoft products into the phone and a booming app marketplace among the updates. There are some of new Windows Phone 7 applications and features: Internet Explorer 9 Mobile. Microsoft claims that customers can wait …

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The Future Success Of Windows Phone

August 3, 2011

Gartner Company consents to its colleagues from IDC company that till the end of the year 2015 Windows Phone will overpass BlackBerry OS and even Apple iOS in terms of popularity and give way only to Android. According to its statistics the sales of Symbian smartphones will be entirely stopped till this time. Google Android market share will be around 49% of the common smartphone …

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QArea .NET Experts at Windows Marketplace Conference

October 1, 2009

QArea .NET team was invited to attend Windows Marketplace Conference, specially organized by Microsoft Seminar devoted to the development for new mobile platform Windows Phone 7. The Conference took place in Moscow Microsoft office on the 27th of September and assembled a number of mobile experts proficient in building software solutions for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Symbian and etc. Lead Microsoft Engineers took part in …

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