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Facebook for Windows Phone version 2.2

November 9, 2011

Microsoft has produced  a new version of Facebook for Windows Phone. 2.2 has now an additional support for Mango and can be grabbed from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft released 2.2 version of  Facebook app intended specially for Windows Phone. The largest innovation is the backing for Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as Mango). During the period, when most of the soft provided with Windows …

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Is Limited To 20 Apps Per Day

August 1, 2011

Windows Phone 7 developers have been limited to 20 mobile applications per day, because Microsoft intends to make Windows Phone Marketplace as a place of high-quality software. The new rule of Microsoft stops a recent trend by programmedd to promote hundreds of Phone 7 applications into the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft company also intends to make app guidelines. Microsoft is limiting the certification of developing …

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The Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 will rock the world

June 24, 2011

Microsoft has many expectations pinned on its Windows Phone 7 and these is a few reasons why the new mobile OS can turn out to be a chartbuster Today bashing Microsoft’s mobile business has grown something of a sport and frankly, that is a pretty easy one rendered all the holes which exist in strategy of Microsoft. Along with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has struck …

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 has success among developers

April 12, 2011

Since the development tools of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform were released this year, it has caught with developers. It has been proved by a Microsoft executive in a blog entry that featured a lot of numbers related to Microsoft’s entrant in the extremely competitive smartphone market. Last March tools for the Windows Phone 7 were firstly presented at the Mix10 conference, declared senior …

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Release of Windows Phone 7 and its outcomes

April 1, 2011

Microsoft Company has recently revealed its plans for developing Windows Phone platform during 2011. Some announcements concerning Microsoft services of Windows Phone and some concerning the platform, operating system and its application development were made. Some outcomes since the release of WP7 First of all Microsoft is pointing out a high level of customers’ satisfaction from Windows Phone 7. According to the company’s data, the …

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