Tech from the Future We’ve Had a Year Ago

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 14, 2015

Tech from the Future We’ve Had a Year Ago
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2014 has passed quite a while now however there are several astonishing inventions that seem to stay with us for keeps. Most of the ones I will be writing about were not actual sensational booms however they are truly revolutionary and deserve appropriate attention and I believe they will be staying with us after a while and after some marketing updates as well.

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What to kick our list of? This question did not bother me at all because you know what? We have a hover board!

new-tech21Hendo Hover

Hendo Hover is our direct answer to Marty! We have really done it! Well, not we, but the team responsible for Hendo Hover however I believe this one still counts to all you movie fans out there. Tony Hawl was already testing this thing by the way and it worked unlike his previous fake hover board video.

Hendo Hover is a prototype yet it is fully functional and operational despite being a bit hard to control. What’s the magic that powers it? There are 4 disc-shaped engines which produce a strong magnetic field and are literally pushing themselves from one another granting the device with the ability to levitate.

new-tech2Minority Report

Gestures are everywhere today and why should PC computing be any different? Especially after we have seen so many beautiful implementation of gesture and voice controlled computer operations and interactions in various colorful sci-fi movies.

How do these things work? Generally there is a touchscreen installed in a place keyboards usually are placed at. Such tech allows manipulations with objects placed on such mats with hands. HP and Dell are already doing a great job in this industry, however Dell went a bit further and created their Illuminator that is being placed on the top of the screen an is 3-D scanning whatever is placed in beneath. This technology is truly amazing if only VR was not that close today. However I believe such devices do deserve a decent place in the market and they will be able to pack a punch shortly.

Samsung’s YOUM displays

This is really impressive don’t you think? A display that bends without breaking or quality losses is quite the step towards an impressive future if you ask me. Bendable and even several foldable OLED displays were presented.

Despite Samsung are not currently using their YOUM brand in series of curved-screen devices that have been released and announced I believe they are saving it up as their ace up the sleeve for a future game breaker. Because if you can fold a device and make a tablet out of a smartphone whenever you desire or have a smartwatch that is 100% screen wrapped around your wrist I call it amazing, do you?