Technologies change time: PHP and cloud

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 21, 2011

Technologies change time: PHP and cloud
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Technologies change time. Especially computer technologies, which we face everyday. Talking about the Cloud, we need to underline the usefulness of PHP.

PHP is an “instrument” for creating personal websites, script language of programming, which is very appreciated by web-site creators, and is frequently used for the creation of dynamic web-sites.

There is a service on top of Amazon. This is the source, which provides users with an application platform. This service helps developers to improve applications by using a code.

“We are pretty sure that the cloud enables us to perform a huge brake through in developer programing”, says CEO of Zend, Andi Gutmans (

The developer cloud also provides ability to the Zend Studio 9 IDE, which now can be found in beta, at the same time with the Eclipse PDT project. Gutmans thinks that it will be useful to open a source SDK,  that will make other IDE projects possible and will help vendors to be connected to the PHP developers cloud easily and faster.

Via browser toolbar the code tracing feature can be accessed. This toolbar works as an indicator if something goes wrong on PHP server, because of an application code intruding.

Our aim is to intrude an innovation and share experience for the development framework,

Gutmans noted.

Talking about the perspectives, it is good to notice, that this product can be easily improved, despite the fact, that it already has a good quality. PHP cloud gives possibility to take snapshots of the application sandbox. The snapshot includes source code, scheme and database configuration. These snapshots are rather independent and can later be shared with the other users, who can import them to their own programs and applications.

The new Zend Application Fabric provides ability for the Zend programmers to move their software easily to whatever cloud they would like to. This is one more plus to Zend’s new project.

“The talking about fabric is compatible with the programmer cloud and whatever production cloud you’re ruling,” Gutmans said. “It means, that if you’re creating and testing your software in a development environment, you can be sure that it will behave exactly the same way in production process.”