Technologies That Will Kill You Eventually! Happy Halloween! Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-HA!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 31, 2014

Technologies That Will Kill You Eventually! Happy Halloween! Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-HA!
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What’s scarier that werewolves and vampires?

Werwolves and vampires

It’s Halloween soon and I’d bet all of you are already prepared for the celebration. You do have your costume, some treats for kids, perhaps even eggs and toilet paper for, well, known reasons (that Mathew’s kid is going to pay for what he did last year, Ha-Ha-Ha!). Sure most of costumes will be related to witches, vampires, mummies and all sorts of wicked creatures, but, in my opinion, a mad scientist is the scariest of them all as he might actually exist in real life and, wow mamma, does he have lots of lethal potential with all the tech developed by mankind over the past years…

Technology is the key to actual horrors!


What is the true passion of any mad scientist? That’s right, laser rays of despicable doom or whatever the way they are actually calling their lasers. Sure actual lasers are not the guns that we may see in science fiction movies, but wait, yes they are, from recent time. US navy is actually about to begin deploying actual laser weapons that will be destroying drones and, perhaps, seagulls and who knows what else. Just imagine a mad scientist with an actual ray of death in his hands! As far as I recall we are down with zero super-heroes to stop him, right?

Can you even imagine a mad scientist without his minions?


Drones! The best minions any mad scientist may ever dream of are already here filming you performing stunts on your bike. And those are the least dangerous of all kinds of drones. Killer machines without emotions are no longer fiction nowadays. Silent spies armed with all kinds of weaponry. Just imagine a James Bond movie villain behind the remote of such drones. Scary, right? And the kitten on his knees does not make the picture even a bit more quite.

What could be more villainous that massing with the very planet we all are living at?

Supposedly nothing, yet it does not prevent people from geoengineering. Sure scientists that are doing it (most of them at least) are following a good cause of achieving best results for mankind via changing the climate to something better, etc. But, originally, the science was developed as a weapon for war and what will prevent some brilliant scientist to lose his marbles and to force global warming even further or to even make an earthquake beneath your home city?


We now have 3D printers capable of printing undetectable weapons, nanobots and many other things that used to be science fiction. Sure those all present danger but still, is it not the way things always were? When mankind invented forging iron many swords were crafted, but, still, there were many more plows created, right? It’s just progress and one should never be afraid of one except it’s Halloween and anybody may become a mad scientist for just one night. And one night is more than enough to deliver some damage! Happy Halloween! Ha-Ha-Ha! (Hope that sounded sinister)