That Pleasant Feeling!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 2, 2015

That Pleasant Feeling!
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We, at QArea are quite pleased with that our stack overflow rating is now 3K+. Do you know that feeling when you are appreciated with the community you love and care about? We do now.

About Stack Overflow

A little bit about stack overflow: it is a great questions and answer site designed for programmers of all kinds from freshmen to advanced professionals in the industry. It’s a fountain of knowledge, a living library for the developers community, and it’s absolutely free to use.

How things work? Somebody is asking an interesting question and people are answering it. Anybody can ask and anybody may answer and the best solution is decided with votes. The site is extremely popular amongst the community hence it is an honor to be respected with such high ratings.

What we did there?

Some data on what were our developers actually doing on stack overflow:

  • Our reputation is 3.135
  • We have 19 badges:
    • 1 gold
    • 4 silver
    • 12 bronze
  • We have given 627 answers to queries from the community
  • Some more data on our answers by tags:
    • Android – 407
    • Java – 84
    • PHP – 66
    • JavaScript – 20
    • Testing – 18
    • Android-fragments – 20
    • Android-layout – 28

How cool are we, right?!

So what does our 3000+ rating give us? Besides all common possibilities like possibilities of voting, editing community wiki, tag creation, question and answer editing and more, we at QArea now can cast close and we can reopen votes. We can make the decision whether something is off topic or was on stack overflow website before. 3K+ rating gives QArea the fifth highest position in the stack overflow hierarchy, which is an excellent proof of appreciation in the community we are really proud of. QArea may also close questions meaning we are trusted with the decision whether the answer is correct or not, which is even more great and pleasant to our team.

How did we get that high? We have several hopeless geeks in our team we all love and respect. They are so deep into what they love and care that the community and the code are their holy bible and faithful followers which is quite nice considering guys are doing what they love and are helping people with it.

So team QArea would love to express our gratitude to the entire stack overflow community, we appreciate all you guys and we will most certainly keep up the good work and will become even better and more trustworthy. Thank you all for this honor we appreciate and don’t be afraid to ask! Nor to answer!