The Business Aspect of Software Development

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 2, 2015

The Business Aspect of Software Development

Software development is something all industries benefit from today whether I terms of sales or marketing or customer support, etc. Enterprise software automates numerous processes that used to burdensome and overly time-consuming a few years ago. Numerous advantages software can offer couldn’t and shouldn’t remain overseen. However, regardless of all benefits software development is a tricky process and should be treated respectfully. Especially – in terms of business. You are willing to receive profits and ROI from developed software as a business owner, are you not?

Here are several essential tips most top players and the majority of smart business owners follow to achieve expected results from software development:

  • Quality VS Quantity: regardless of all loud words quantity tops quality. This does not mean your software should not be considered as a high-quality solution and treated respectfully throughout QA and development processes. You will not be able to win with solutions of poor quality, but the odds are you are likely to fail with but one ultra-performable solution that with a series of fine-quality, likable products. At least one of them is going to win, right? And, surprisingly, the market itself is less willing to pay more for jaw-dropping user experience when decent solutions are available and more affordable. Lower cost of development equals in lower pricing labels on the end-product thus generates more customers and grants better revenue.
  • Customer support is essential: When you are among decision makers of a software project ensure to always leave place for support and maintenance. Patches, updates and even new versions will be required and overall maintenance costs will significantly drop down if appropriate update mechanisms are though-through ever since version 1.0 and, perhaps, even earlier.
  • It’s not sales. Sales is a revenue-driven activity while development of software for business should be considered as a process of creation of new partnerships. Software should earn loyalty of an end user. Revenue comes second.

These three tips boost may seem as not so much of a big deal and, nevertheless, we at QArea have witnessed them work flawlessly for more than a decade now. We can truly say these methods of software development treatment work. And, as a great addition, they work in the best possible manner.

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