The Development of Mobile Monday Community Worldwide

The Development of Mobile Monday Community Worldwide

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QArea Team
QArea Team
February 1, 2007
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Mobile Monday community is developing at a tremendous speed and each month new Chapters appear worldwide. Early in the New Year several new MoMo chapters, including Geneva, Seoul and Dublin, joined the largest international community of business professionals. Looking back, 2006 can be called a break-out year since 21 new cities launched their chapters including the Ukrainian Chapter launched by QArea! In total this makes today 40 chapters worldwide. And… to be continued!

People around the world perfectly understand the power of person-to-person networking in business which accounts for the headlong development of this open business community because MoMo meetings is a perfect place to establish new business contacts, share experience and advertise your company.

The topics which were recently chosen for active discussion at MoMo events worldwide include:

  • Rich Mobile Experiences with SVG in New York;
  • Mobile Web 2.0 in Geneva;
  • GSM-3G dominates wireless broadband in Helsinki;
  • Mobile VOiP in Boston;
  • IPTV and Mobile TV in Istanbul;
  • Flash for the mobile in Los-Angeles;
  • Mobile music, Game and TV in Seoul;
  • Mobile TV in China;
  • Cellular operators' news in St. Petersburg;
  • Entrepreneurship in the Mobile Industry in Sweden.

The latest city launching its MoMo chapter is Munich which became the second German city that joined the MoMo community. The mobile professionals are going to discuss one of the most popular topics – Next Generation of Mobile Internet. The presentations planned for the first MoMo Munich event are:

  • Combining Mobility and the Internet;
  • Changing mobile trends and new advertising channels support new business opportunities;
  • Me, Myself and My Mobile – Review and preview of mobile marketing activities;
  • Mobile Communities powered by Mobile Advertisement;
  • Review of Mobile Content Consumption in Q4-2006;
  • Guide to Mobile Media Publications with examples of GQ, FTD and others.

As predicted from the current speed of MoMo community development, this year is going to be even more dynamic. By the end of 2007 the organizers of the international MoMo project expect to see more than 50 chapters worldwide with more than 100 000 members!


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