The Final Version of CMS Drupal 7
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The Final Version of CMS Drupal 7

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QArea Expert
August 1, 2011
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The latest version of the CMS (Content management system) with the Drupal 7 open source code has been released finally. The participants of the project, developers, have expended over 2 years on its development.

The up-to-date version of the platform is characterized by plentiful improvements. The most interesting ones among them should be mentioned, these are the improved security tools, the optimized CMS core, the extended set of API functions, the updated mechanism of data caching, the new administration interface and the system of automatic Drupal modules updating. The full list of the introduced modifications is presented on the official website.

Software developers are positioning Drupal 7 as a powerful and convenient platform for creating any kinds of resources, starting from micro sites and blogs and to large social projects and portals. The system enables installing expandable basic functions, additional modules and supports localization of the interface for different languages along with the Russian language.

In accordance with the research accomplished by the experts from the W3Techs laboratory, the Drupal platform among one million network resources and it is one of the 3 most famous platforms among web developers of open solution, it is headed only by WordPress and Joomla.

So Drupal development services will be effective solution to your business.


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