The latest trends in mobile games industry. Part 2

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 25, 2012

The latest trends in mobile games industry. Part 2
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We continue to speak about the future of mobile games industry. So here are the latest trends in this field.

6. Cross-advertisement

Everybody dreams about attracting users to their projects. But the question is how it can be done without spending a lot of costs.

The answer is in the title – with the help of cross-advertisement.

Many mobile developers and publishers have used this type of advertisement for a long time, promoting their new or just less popular games in their successful projects. So there is no surprise that the number of cross-promotional networks is growing rapidly.

7. Analytical boom

Along with the growth of cross-promotional networks number, the number of companies engaged in research, evaluation and analysis of the market is increasing too. There are a lot of them already, however, usually Flurry Analytics, App Annie and Distimo are recognized. Perhaps, in the nearest future another star will rise among the analyst firms – and that’s wonderful, because there are can not be too much information about applications and stores.

8. Sleeping Leader

We often talk about the struggle between different platforms. The developers argue over who will win – iOS, Android or maybe someone else? They share thoughts about the future of BlackBerry (misty), Microsoft (controversial) and Amazon (perspective). But, in fact, the effect of all these companies on the market is much smaller than it is believed and rather different from what they can provide for real.

For example, only 20% of the Bejeweled Blitz players on iOS are using Facebook Connect, to compare their results with friends. And no matter that the game is social.

The fact is that none of the major developers have not decided for themselves whether the game industry is the priority vector of their development or not. And while this have not happened yet, the main developers will remain dormant, but a real struggle for leadership is a matter of an unpredictable future.

9. Platform

The GDC, which was held in March, had the one keyword – platform.

Here is the definition of this notion: the applications network with integrated service.

The problem is that there are more and more of such networks. Everyone among small or large manufacturer is trying to open their own network (and with the help of it he provides cross-advertisement, as mentioned above).

For example, both GREE and DeNA have done that. But this is just a drop in the ocean, because there is Game Center on iOS, Scoreloop from RIM, as well as the sea of Chinese platforms the most important of which is Papaya. Also, do not forget about The9, which have opened the Game Zone and iDreamSky, running the Skynet. In general, the list can be continued for a long time.

Ideally, the best platform gather all the proposals, but this is in ideal case. In fact, it turns out that average mobile player is registered at least on six platforms.

At which exactly? Well, it depends on gender, age, geographic location and type of games that he likes.

And this is just a user side of the business.

Indeed, in a time when manufacturers are trying to keep the user in their own gaming networks, companies like Tapjoy, Fiksu and GetJar are creating common trade area, covering several different platforms.

Do not forget about the fact that applications stores are also platforms.

It turns out that the industry of mobile applications – is a kind of pyramid, formed from a variety of platforms, each forming another platform, which, in turn, form a large platform formation. In other words, this industry – is not a pair of competing big companies, but a huge number of interdependent networks.

10. It’s simplicity

With the release of more powerful gadgets games are becoming more complicated and more complex. And more money are spend on their marketing. On the other hand, games like Tiny Wings and the Temple Run show that complication is not the best way. Sometimes just fine and sensibly implemented idea works just great.

Up to the last GDC, many understood this.