The Main 4 Issues to Consider When Choosing Hosting Provider for Your Website

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 8, 2013

The Main 4 Issues to Consider When Choosing Hosting Provider for Your Website
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Today any business needs a website to stay viable and successfully compete with other companies on the niche, and hosting is a crucial thing to be considered. If your hosting vendor can not provide visitors with a fast load speed of the website, likely they won’t come back next time. If you chose the wrong hosting provider it will take too many efforts to fix it and the consequences can be fatal. So, let’s consider the main 4 problems you can encounter when choosing hosting provider.

The Absence of Proper Backup Protection

If the major part of your business is implemented via e-commerce and your hosting doesn’t have proper backup your business is under threat too. Thus, if there are any internal problems on your server the business is also in a crisis.

Solution: You can have one server to host your main website while the mirror website on another server. In case if something happened, you can redirect your visitors to the mirror website.

Wrong Planning for Web Space

Actually, when you cut a deal with a hosting provider you can select the amount of web space you’ll have at your further disposal to upload the content onto the site. You need to be sure that the available space is enough for your data to keeping load times down.

Solution: There is one great solution – shared hosting provider. Such providers inform you when you reach the capacity with a host and the Terms of Agreement are exceeded. You will have the timeline to transform your data before shutting your current website.

The Lack of Reliability, Security and Speed

Today unreliable and slow host for many people sounds ridiculous. But unfortunately, many businesses face with situation when after signing up the contract hosting company provides lack of competence. Try to make sure that hosting provider you have chosen has reliable reputation, as the security of your website is one of the most important things you need to carry about.

Solution: Ask businesses with the similar resources in your industry whether they had have any security issues with their provider and could they recommend their provider to you.

The Absence of 24 hour Support

If your hosting company doesn’t provide 24 hour support it could take time and money to fix it. But most of the paid hosting companies provide skilled team that is ready to assist websites at any time and fix the problem as soon as it possible.

Solution: If your company doesn’t have in-house IT support you rather deal with reputable (usually paid services) hosting provider who offers 24 hour support.

Try to make the right decision from the first attempt. Before stop seeking for a hosting provider make sure you found one with reliable reputation. Avoid discussed above pitfalls and be attentive when signing in the contract as it is very important for your business.

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