The Main Sitecore CRM Integrations

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 11, 2012

The Main Sitecore CRM Integrations

Sitecore’s CMS integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics can make management process easier and more productive by improving customer service. CRM software from MS Dynamics CRM is used by sales departments of many enterprises on a daily basis and offers clients easy and leading-edge solutions for sales, marketing or customer service.

We want to share with you some types of MS CRM Dynamics and Sitecore CMS integration which can be useful for your business.

Security management

Well, CRM integration makes possible to control user access permission to the Sitecore content. For instance, Sales team may currently manage access to development portals and their partners. Let’s show you some examples of Utilizing Sitecore CRM integration in order to security management:

  • Secure access control – give your team access to the secured information which is to be provided quickly for the customers’ requests.
  • Multi-level Content Privileges – you can operate the access process on the different security levels. For example, you can provide your partners with the access to secured web information which includes the particular discounts only for their enterprise.

Content and Data Sharing

CMR integration makes possible bi-direction sharing content and data between Sitecore and CRM apps. The examples are listed below:

  • Manage your lead – Sitecore CRM captures the information which can be routed and stored in your CRM system.
  • Email campaign manager – you can utilize the CRM system in order to store and manage email list.

Content delivery management

Sitecore CRM integration can empower of your front personnel like sales department to deliver targeted content to the clients. There are a lot of ways how department can use this capability. We present you some of that ways to figure it out:

  • Localization – Sitecore’s CRM integration may streamline the process of separating regional specific information within the globalization.
  • Improve the customer care – ensure information that is the most relevant to the client and it will become more available within the access client care portal. So they won’t need to search for this information and you will streamline client care.

Analytics and reporting

CMR integration with Sitecore CMS allows you to gather web analytic information and to create reports for this analytic:

  • Marketing analysis – CRM integration allows you to identify the real value of your business efforts. You also can evaluate the individual efforts of the account.
  • Generate a marketing report on a target account – you can access the Sitecore analytic report within CRM apps. So you can find what the client responded to or what information he or she viewed on the website.

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