The most efficient way to use Google+

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 13, 2012

The most efficient way to use Google+
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Using Facebook may be connected sometimes with awkward situations, when your personal information is available for people, with whom you don’t like to share your intimate life. Nevertheless, for a lot of people, Facebook is a very common place for connecting to the social network. But today we want to clear situation about Google+, highlight its pros and cons, and give you some advices to make your work with this service the most effective.

With the help of Google+  you can create an individual “circles” to divide people into separate groups. So you can make any number of circles; one can be for your “football team”, “former classmates” or “dancing class” – so you can share different information with each circle. You can show your relationships, location, contact details to your friends circle and reveal your education and employment history with your work circle. Google+ allows to create individual Pages for business.

First steps

To start working with Google+ you certainly have to create your own public profile as well as in any other social network. The difference is that in Google+ you can show only your first name, keeping all the other information in private. In addition, you have an ability to  add other social sites to your profile and map out places you’ve been. That’s pretty useful to get email when somebody want to add you in his circle or there is an interesting post for you.

After that you have to click on the icon with double circle so you will be able to start creation of your circles. Assign the name to an empty circle and add someone. To find people you can use connection to your online email accounts, search by name, or just notice people who want to add you to their circles. The interesting thing that you can add some people you found in Google search straight to your circles.

Streams and Posts

As well as in Facebook, if you want to keep people interested in your profile you have to provide it with useful and interesting content. This information will be shown in your “stream.”  The great advantage of  Google+ is that fact that you can decide on your own, who will see your posts. You can share it with only one person, or with the entire circle. So it’s up to you, who will be able to see your posts. You can prevent people from resharing your posts by locking them. To do that you need just click on the  arrow to the right of your post.


To share found interesting information with your circle or just to show that you like something you can use +1 button. This is similar to Facebook’s “like”. Share your positive recommendations to make work with this social network much more pleasant. This is also useful to add such button on your website if you have one. +1’s in search results indicate pages liked by your social connections.

Hang Out

Maybe the most interesting feature of Google+ is the possibility to create conversations by instant message and video, with up to nine people at once. Such calls are called “Hangouts” in Google+ . So get start and create your own hangouts or join one for fun. And for business,  conduct a meeting, hold live Q&A’s or publicize upcoming events.