The Most Expected IT Outsourcing Trends

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 30, 2018

The Most Expected IT Outsourcing Trends
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QArea, the leading outsourcing development company, is always taken seriously about any changes in outsourcing industry and wants to be aware of the latest trends and predictions in IT world. According to IT outsourcing experts, following trends are the most anticipated in 2013:

Social Media Keeps Expanding Rapidly

Today, social media is one more channel for communication between customers and vendors. Such feedback means as e-mail and phone calls are pushed into the background. Businesses got the great opportunity to connect customers through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. You can easy and cheaply (or even for free) create your company’s community that will be more efficient than other means of cooperation.

Nearshore Becomes Closer

As the number of IT outsourcing companies growing every year, companies don’t have to go far seeking for the quality solution. Collaboration with nearshore IT companies can help to reduce costs related to cooperation and to find the common language due to cultural similarity.

Business Moves to Sky

In 2013 customers aim to have a common platform as source of truth for service management activities. Cloud computing has become a great solution and already been discovered by many companies. Today, more businesses want to either integrate with or adopt cloud-based service management. Google Drive, Drop Box, ServiceNow and other SaaS systems, as well as IaaS and PaaS, become more demanded and valuable for users.

Enhanced Data Security

And of course, if more companies integrate with cloud services, there are more threats for internal networks. Outsourcing partners need improvement of the security of their data. So, reliable firewall will become issue number one in outsourcing.

India and China Become Less Attractive for Outsourcing

As the salary in these countries keeps growing (WorldatWork estimates 10.7% for India and 8.8% for China) rates for outsourcing services are also rising up. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the shaky economies of these countries can affect arising of unforeseen situations. So, try to follow changes in China and India economies if you have already worked with them.

Of course, one more IT outsourcing trend in 2013 that can’t be overlooked is raising number of companies who realize the benefits of outsourcing. In-house is great solution only for small size needs. For example, if you decided to move to a new apartment you called organization specializing in transporting stuff from point A to point B. Of course, you can do it by yourself…But will you really benefit from this? Time and quality became very important not only for us (humaneness) but also for our business.

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