The One About X-Phones Not Proving To The Expectations

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 23, 2014

The One About X-Phones Not Proving To The Expectations
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The new Nokia X came out to the world with a blend of both Windows and Android operation systems, which, in general is a great idea as well as a splendid marketing move. What could go wrong here, you ask? Only one thing – they can take but the worst from both OS’s.

Now Microsoft and Nokia were actually good partners long before the first ones purchased the second ones. Lots of Google’s apps were replaced for Microsoft’s sake way back in the day. Google Maps, Gmail, and the Play Market were substituted with Maps, Skype and OneDrive.

Let’s get to the X phone. The home screen is in no way appealing as Android, it rather resembles Windows, yet worse. The original bright Windows icons had some context at least, the Facebook icon for instance had some text in it with notifications, and you could see the subjects of your e-mail at the according app icon. What we have now are weird overgrown Android icons that lack its original style, which was compromised with context on the pure Windows phones and now it’s not. Now it just looks like a knockoff version of windows made by some weird fellows in a basement.

Nokia X lacks some important Google services, making it quite the issue for lots of mobile developers. Lots had to be tweaked or changed by software makers like changes in app-payments or location services.

So while Windows was getting better the Nokia X series were for some reason made worse. The one place where they have actually succeeded was lowering the price of the device, which was one of their main marketing moves. The price vary from $120 to $150 depending on the model, while their competitors Samsung And Apple flagman phones are going away for a huge amount of cash in comparison, they cost more than $550. As well as Lumia, by the way. So perhaps it will get the edge on the price VS quality match up, yet it still won’t be a reasonable choice for me, personally.