The Really Delicious Slices of the Startup Pie or Where to Look For Business Ideas

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 25, 2015

The Really Delicious Slices of the Startup Pie or Where to Look For Business Ideas
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Surely ideas are moving today’s world of software development and even beyond. New bright ideas that are revolutionizing everything we are used to doing on a daily basis. However creating new things may be hard because of multiple doubts literally biting their ways through creative minds leaving nothing but hollowness. However even a slightest push in a proper direction should do the trick and that is exactly why all of us are here reading these very words.

Surely we may not deliver you 100% unique and personalized ideas, you are to do that part on your own, however we may offer exquisite development, support and clear guidance on where should your thoughts be headed. There are several areas of interest that have proven to be just the place your solutions will be comfortable at so designing an app that will fit in one of the industries mentioned above might be just the push it takes to make sure you are now more useful to the world and the community and you will also gain a great business in return.

Less words and more action! Here we go with the Ideas (that right from a capital “I”):

  • Recycling! Everybody seems to be into the environmental issues these days, everybody’s so engaged and cheerful about saving the planet with all the recycle bins they have all over their place. However that is just the tip of an iceberg and you may use that as an advantage. Just think how many people are properly recycling old gadgets and batteries and electronics? I’d say the numbers are not too impressive. So provide people with some sort of pick up services and recycle or use old TVs and smartphones. Earn money and help save the day.
  • There are many companies with employees and lots of resources are dedicated to just one simple purpose: employee monitoring. Today especially, when everybody is mobile any worker is not an exception. Researches show that there are more than 1.3 billion mobile workers as for 2015 and their number grows. How are they tracking their tasks and schedules? How comfortable are they with operating such vast amounts of data? You may have just an idea to help them.
  • Test things for other people! You may have an idea of a great testing tool up your mind that will revolutionize the world of software as we know it. Or you just know how to make tests a bit more solid and informative with your app? Whatever the case, there is a constant need for more and more updates in this industry so go ahead and dive into inventing hardcore testing solutions.
  • Children are already advanced users of everything tech world has to offer, due the very nature of hardware and software designed today is quite intuitive. So consider an app designed for kids, their education and entertainment. The target audience in this case is huge by the way, so surely you will have some faithful smiling users happy with your product. Kids are already customers in today’s world. Deal with this fact and if you will satisfy their needs in an efficient manner consider you are never out of business.
  • Provide people with help. Consultants, trainers, assistants and so on and so forth are constantly required. If your app idea gives people tips and advice and lessons in the right moment or is assisting them in a fairly different manner – consider yourself king. Now especially, when the code for Siri-like digital assistants is open source meaning new assistants may be very personalized and dedicated to your goals.

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