The Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 will rock the world

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 24, 2011

The Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 will rock the world
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Microsoft has many expectations pinned on its Windows Phone 7 and these is a few reasons why the new mobile OS can turn out to be a chartbuster

Today bashing Microsoft’s mobile business has grown something of a sport and frankly, that is a pretty easy one rendered all the holes which exist in strategy of Microsoft. Along with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has struck reset, arrived to the drawing board and grow with mobile OS together with hooks for both business users and consumers.

Certainly, Microsoft possesses a wealth of ground to make up. According to what Laozi the Chinese philosopher wrote that a journey of a thousand miles starts just with a single step, before even Windows Mobile was launched. Following are 5 signs which Microsoft together with Windows Phone 7 has got things right on this occasion around.


Decision of Microsoft to forgo backward compatibility with Windows Mobile was somehow controversial, but proceeding with Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 application development was the right call. While doing so, Microsoft is assuring developers with .NET experience to strike the ground operating and start creating applications for Windows Phone 7.

As Dave Meeker, Director, Emerging Technlogy said Microsoft may be onto something with their deployment of Microsoft Silverlight as the standard way to build applications for WP 7 devices.

In spite of the insane level of present buzz around the Android and iPhone, developers on these platforms investigated their share of error and trial as they got up to speed. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims it obtains half a million Silverlight developers.

Meeker said that software developers who were not acquainted with Apple’s Objective-C needed a while to start developing really great iOS apps. In a similar fashion, Android has required a long runway to let quality applications to become available.

Let’s face fits, IT departments and system administrators are not big fans of change. There are still many who view the iPhone as a sort of horrific, overcoming locust with all kinds of agonizing implications for integrity of network. But deep integration of Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft products is going to soil the skids for the OS in business settings.

The ability of usage Microsoft-on-Microsoft technology provides mobile users with access to current enterprise resources, according to Meeker is appealing.

That is a significant point of differentiation for Microsoft Sure, Android an iOS have Exchange integration, but not complete integration. CTO at Tallan, Andrew Brust, a Microsoft Gold partner in US, states Exchange integration on both iPad and Motorola Droid leave much to be desired.

For instance, when over-the-air synchronization of e-mail, contacts and calendar is enabled, notifications for control over out-of-the-office messages and calendar conflicts are not that means users have to use a full Outlook client or Web browser.

Brust said that it looks like WP 7 will avoid trifling problems like that and will have stunning applications which are scrupulously integrated rather than ensiled.

Great mapping features

Bing Maps is promptly becoming a great fat dozen salmon along with which Microsoft may fish-slap everyone who claims that it is not competent of innovating. That is considered to be one of the most impressive technologies that the company has ever created and allowed Microsoft to seize the show at the February TED conference.

Bing Maps are featured by the Windows Phone 7 SDK as its default map control and Microsoft has seized to call it a first-grade citizen in its technology roster. Microsoft presents this as one of the most powerful weapons in its mobile arsenal and partner who have endeavoured are impressed very much with what they have seen up to now.