The Scariest Websites In The Web: Forget Horror Movies, Just Browse A Bit More

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 31, 2014

The Scariest Websites In The Web: Forget Horror Movies, Just Browse A Bit More
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Are you willing to get some chills before Halloween? Horror movies are a nice way to go, but, what if somebody told you that you may get as spooked, and, perhaps even more, by simply browsing through some websites? We have prepared a list of sites that will freak you, scare you, haunt you and, of course, entertain you for a couple of hours at the very least, especially for Halloween.

  1. The Outbreak. If you are a fan of zombie movies and ever wanted to actually be a part of one this site is just the thing for you. Be responsible for your survival with an interactive zombie horror movie this site has to offer. You will be actually living through an adventure of your life and every decision you will make will matter as your own life is at stake.
  2. The Dionaea House. If you are a fan of thrillers and detectives, if you love to get spooked and haunted, if solving mysteries clue by clue is what you are enjoying the most this site is for you. This site is a story by Eric Heisserer that will make you love email correspondence. And you will be scared of it as well. How? A true mystery will be revealed within letters and blog posts. A mystery with many unresolved questions and fantastic storylines. Are you prepared to face this fear?
  3. Creepypasta. A place where fear lives a life of its own. The site gathers all kinds of blood-chilling stories and frightening images as well as monstrous blog posts and other scary things. A place where any horror lover will feel at home. Scared to the bids, but at home. After a few hours there you won’t be able of walking to your fridge in the middle of the night as long as all the lights are not on.
  4. Horror Find. If those sites were not enough to spook you to your bones and you still wish to jump straight out of your pants because of fear you are free to use this search engine dedicated entirely to horrors and Halloween. This engine contains many different listings related to the world of darkness. Sure it’s not too scary but it definitely show you the right pass to true terror.

Voilà! A splendid list of spooky pages you may entertain yourself with before Halloween. Pleas enjoy and be scared to your amusement!

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